Other sounds I made for Mandriva 2007 edition or for Gnome (I called Gnafrika) are here and here.

I was contacted by Gnome to make new sounds, I answered but I had no echo… If somebody’s concerned, I’m here.

Last week I’ve post my first sounds on kde-look.org. Oxygen has its sound theme so I decided to publish it.
Link to kde-look.org
Cleanus sounds quite cool no ? 🙂

I’ve not a lot of time to talk on IRC, I decided to create a blog. 🙂
It could be beautifull if everybody which make sounds for KDE come on this blog. This blog will try to organise the work.

I begin with the categorie Oxygen, the sound theme that goes with the Oxygen icon theme.
Don’t hesitate to comment my work and contact me if you did some sonds 😉

PS : excuse my approximative english, I’m french.